Komar University of Science and Technology

Laboratories Unit

Criteria for Volunteering in KUST Labs


Please see below for the criteria which ought to be filled in order for a student to be able to volunteer in KUST labs:


  1. GPA must be above 2 .
  2. Credit Hours: Student must have finished more than 100 credit hours. 
  3. Courses with lab: The student must have completed all courses that have labs and practical parts.
  4. The student must be in his/her senior academic year.
  5. The student’s records and files must be free of disciplinary actions.




If you have the above criteria, you can fill out the form in the below link and you will be put on waiting list.



1- Please note that a maximum of 5 students will be selected per semester and the volunteering period is for one semester only.

2- Priority  will be given to graduated students . 

Fill out  this form : Lab Unit - Volunteer Application Form