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Reservoir Rock Properties

The study of reservoir rock properties is essential to petroleum/reservoir engineer in order to accurately characterize and model the reservoir heterogeneity. Reservoir rock data can be obtained from two major sources: core analysis and well logging. In KUST reservoir's rock lab an in house Hassler core holder is developed for measuring porosity and permeability at ambient and shallow reservoir conditions.

Effect of packing and grain size can be investigated on permeability and saturation. Furthermore, the analysis of cores and review the nature and quality of the reservoir rocks help student to understand the mechanism of reservoirs fluid transport in porous medium.

In addition of that, students will be able to study porosity and permeability from Petrographic Image Analysis (PIA), which is pore level evaluation of a small sample size. Students also learn how to prepare the thin-section for PIA and compare the results with SCAL and well Logging data. This is to correctly characterize reservoir rock properties and quality.
Reservoir Rock Proprties