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Reservoir Fluid Properties

The knowledge of reservoir fluid properties and thermodynamic of hydrocarbon reservoir are of primary importance to the petroleum engineer. The data can be measured using laboratory analysis or calculated using PVT simulator. Although the fully visual Fluid evaluation (PVT system) is designed to study phase behavior of reservoir fluids at reservoir conditions of pressure and temperature.

At KUST we developed an in house PVT rig (chamber) to study the phase behavior of single and mixture components at low pressure and temperature. Throughout the experimental works students will learn the theory background of equation state and thermodynamic behavior of reservoir fluids. As well as, know the difference between measured and calculated properties and how to minimize error during the experimental works.

To duplicate reservoir conditions, high pressure and temperature, our student will use modern PVT simulator to investigate various type of reservoir fluids such as black oil, volatile oil and gas condensate from real field data. Measured data will be given to the students then using regression technique to match experimental and simulated results

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