Laboratories Safety Instructions

The below instructions must be followed in the labs:

1. Always wear your Lab coat inside the lab and close the buttons.

2. Wear Gloves before conducting any experiment.
3. Wear Safety Goggles and Mask when working with Chemical reagents.
4. Wear Flat Closed Toe Shoes.
5. Tie long Hair back.
6. Always wear Long Pants in the labs.
7. In Case of Fire Use the Emergency Exit Door.
8. Always wipe spatulas clean before and after inserting into reagent bottles.

9. Report any accident/injury, however minor, to your instructor/lab assistant immediately.
10. Turn off any device you are working on and cover it once you finish your work.
11. Before leaving the laboratory, make sure your work area is clean and dry.
12. Ensure that all gas, water, vacuum, air valves and electric sources are completely turned off.
13. Thoroughly wash your hands after leaving the laboratory.
14. Your instructor/lab assistant is available for any assistance you may need. Never hesitate to ask questions especially if it is about operating procedure. Be sure that you understand every instruction before proceeding.

You are Not Allowed to do the below points in the labs:

1. Don’t come to lab late.
2. Eating, drinking, smoking and chewing gum are not allowed in the lab.

3. Don’t forget to label your samples.
4. Do not engage in practical jokes or boisterous conduct in the laboratory.
5. Do not sit on laboratory benches.
6. The performance of unauthorized experiments is strictly forbidden.
7. Don’t wear lose clothing or any kind of jewelry to the lab.
8. Never run in the laboratory.
9. Do not throw paper or other solid material into the sink.
10. Do not throw broken glasses into the trash bin; instead put it in the broken glasses can with your instructor’s
11. Never taste any chemical or transfer chemicals by mouth pipette.
12. Never inhale chemicals.
13. Never use or mix chemicals without your instructor’s supervision.
14. No Cellphones.